Open-Air-Photobooth-ScrapbookSize and Portability: The top case is 16” by 22” by 34” high; weighing approximately 50 lbs. Bottom case is 14” by 22” by 38” high, weighing approximately 50 lbs. When the cases are in use, they offer a compact 14” by 22” footprint and stand approximately 6’ high.

Quality Images: The digital imaging, print quality and speed are superior. Canon DSLR imaging technology at over 12 megapixels is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 8 seconds. The ability to take pictures with a digital backdrop (Green Screen utilization) is also built into the Open Air Photobooth® Software.

Setup Information: The most common setup of the Open Air Photobooth incorporates a bench and curtain backdrop. The recommended floor area required for setup with bench and backdrop is approximately 5’ by 5’. Ultimately, the versatility in setup is only limited by the imagination of the owner/client. Individuals up to groups of 10-20 have crowded in front of the Open Air Photobooth to have their images captured.

Value, Speed and Quality: When considering the quality of components, speed of setup, and simplicity of design, the Open Air Photobooth® just makes sense for all engagements.

Pipe/Drape Material: The most commonly used material for a backdrop is pipe and drape. To stay consistent with the Open Air approach, two base plates, two uprights, and a horizontal drape support would be used to hang a single-sided backdrop. Many customers purchase multiple walls of pipe and drape to create an enclosed space for the Open Air Photobooth®. With drape supports being expandable from typically 4′-7′ and 6′-10′ the options in setup are vast. A “Photo Lounge” can be created, providing up-scale, modern lounge furniture in combination with the draped space.

Overlay Software Package: Overlay Package #1 is currently available which offers 150 digital overlays to be used in conjunction with full portrait prints. The overlays are divided into the following categories; Baby, Birthday, Casino, Christmas, Easter, Fall, Flowers/Plants, Graduation, Halloween, Jewish, Kids, Mardi Gras, Mexican, Misc, Patriotic, Picture Frames, Sports, St Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, and Wedding.

2011kidsCustom Layout Package: Custom Layout Package #1 is currently available which offers two dozen custom image layouts / backgrounds / design templates. Custom image sizing, position, and orientation are all taken care of for you in this easy to incorporate package. This package has been formatted for both Sony and Hiti printers.

Q: Where can you set up the Open Air Photobooth®?

A: Being the smallest and lightest photobooth on the market, the setup options are limitless. From living rooms to yachts to private booths at nightclubs, the Open Air Photobooth® can be setup anywhere power is available.

Q: Is it possible to change the output of the Open Air Photobooth®?

A: Yes. First, the operator selects the number of images to be taken and how they are arranged. The most common layouts are a single image on one sheet of paper (1 image, 1 row, 1 column), a passport-style strip of images (e.g., 4 images, 4 rows, 1 column), or a 2×2 grid of 4 images. Second, the operator can incorporate a custom background, header, footer, or digital overlay for the output. This feature makes it possible to add relevant text or logos to the output.

Q: Does the Open Air Photobooth® take color or black-and-white (b/w) digital photos?

A: The camera and software capture color images. These images can be printed as color or b/w. The Open Air Photobooth® comes standard with one color activation button. As an option when ordering, a second black/white activation button can be installed to allow each customer to choose between color and b/w.

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